Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to do the make file stuff

The easiest way to build new applications or test programs is to simply add them to the gnuradio/src/gnu/examples directory and edit, then type "make".  The Makefile should be regenerated from, and then the appropriate magic will be performed.

If you look in, you'll see two places that you need to edit.

(1) add myprogram to the list starting with...

noinst_PROGRAMS         =               \
       myprogram                       \
       adc3_fft                        \
       adc3_fftavg                     \

(2) add the two lines that instruct make how to build it:

myprogram_SOURCES       =
myprogram_LDADD         = $(top_builddir)/src/gnu/lib/

Then type "make".

**  This has been taken from an old discussion but I guess still valid :)

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