Thursday, October 11, 2012

Adaptive Filtering with GNURADIO & USRP : Part-2

Here I will discuss how I recorded the WCDMA signals from the nearby tower in my institute. Equipments which I am having with me are USRP-2, SBX daughter board(both from Ettus research), Spectran HF6065 hand-held spectrum analyser. Spectran spectrum analyser came with a wide band antenna 100MHz -6GHz.


                                                   Spectran HF6065 

Here is the screen shot of the strong WCDMA signal in my campus. I am using Spectran HF6065 and a PC suite MCS given by them :

You can see the strong WCDMA signals at 2.151GHz and 2.161GHz

For collecting the WCDMA data I connected USRP-2 with my linux based system. There is a good script in GNURADIO uhd_rx_cfile , it can collect the signals from air very simply.

For a standard GNURADIO installation it is located in /usr/local/bin

I recorded it with the following arguments

uhd_rc_cfile  -f 2.151G --gain 50 --nsamples 2000000 --samp-rate 10000000 /home/sumit/wcdma.dat

So I collected 2M samples at the sampling rate of 10MSPS.


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