Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The first idea by Matt about the sdr structure

My idea of the ultimate SDR would include:

- Everything controlled off of one 10MHz master oscillator input (in usrp it is 64MHz now)
- Modular Architecture ( yes it is now in USRP )
- Master controller and 100Mbit ethernet interface ( )
- Multiple samplerate and resolution capable ( yes it is now in the usrp )
- Future upgradeable to Gbit ethernet ( yes they did it in usrp2 )
- DSP Board (emm they did it in N series and E series)
- Digital Up and Down Conversion   baseband <--> common IF - RF Board (yes it is in usrp)
- Full Duplex capable on independent bands (i.e. L and S band simultaneously) ( this I dnt know)
- Up/Downconvert to common IF (yes it happens in usrp )
- Control signals for external LNA/PA and switching ( yes it happens in usrp )
- Different RF boards for different frequency ranges ( yes it is in form of daughter boards)
- Different DSP boards (or multiple of the same type?) to allow for multi-channel designs (??)
- Is the common IF interface between RF and DSP boards digital or analog? ( ?? )
- Good Linux drivers and generic API for interfacing (yeah now they are :) )

I'm not sure if we should have one SDR box capable of handling multiple antennas, or if we should just have multiple SDR boxes in those cases.  If so, we'd need a way to synchronize them, but that shouldn't be too hard.

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