Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Something about USRP2

1. USRP2 can only reach 25MHz because the maximum sampling rate you can achieve with usrp2 is 25MHz , although you start getting overruns at 25MSPS.

2. USRP2 has the ability to send and receive at the same time

3. It also has extra FPGA space for custom modifications

4. In USRP1 it is possible to send a signal from the FPGA to the DACs without interpolation through manipulation of the FPGA registers and by  using custom verilog code.  The most relevant example would be usrp_radar_mono.

5. By modifying the FPGA you can get rid of the interpolators or decimators.  You can also turn off the interpolate-by-4 function of the DAC itself if you want to, by modifying the settings of the DAC. This is possible in both usrp1 and usrp2

6. Verilog file for usrp_radar_mono can be located at
In the latest versions gr-radar-mono has been depreciated

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