Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A bit about UHD

Stands for "Universal Hardware Driver"

Prior to UHD, there were two distinct APIs -- one for USRP1, the other  for USRP2, and the "classic" USRP2 API used raw-ethernet frames for carrying data/control.

In UHD, all the platforms are supported (USRP1, USRP2, N2XX, and E1XX),  and for ethernet-connected platforms, the protocol is based on VITA-49-over-UDP.

Older example applications, which would have used one or the other of the USRP1 or USRP2 "classic" API, need to be lightly worked-over to be compatible with the UHD API.  

The N2XX platforms are *only* UHD capable, and many of the newer daughtercards are only accessible using the UHD API.

The UHD API also enables some of the fancier synchronization paradigms that weren't available in the "classic" interface, and also allows things like dual-DDC on the USRP2 and N2XXX platforms.

More than extra details can be found here :

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