Saturday, October 13, 2012

GNURADIO Documentation : Suggested Readings

I would personally suggest following readings before you take GNU Radio seriously :

Python basics : There is a very good tutorial by Bucky on his youtube channel, and he almost covers all the Python we need. Its very quick and effective. Click here to go to his channel Python tutorial

Once you are done follow up my python tutorial where I will link up everything you have learned in python , with GNU Radio

C++ basics : Here also I would suggest Bucky’s channel for quick and fast C++ Here is the link
C++ Tutorial-1,  C++ Tutorial-2
Both are by Bucky.

Regarding Digital communication and Signal processing part, refer to any standard books. In my opinion Understanding Digital Signal processing by Richard G. Lyons is a very good book.

 For Digital communications you can refer to video tutorials by IIT-Bombay , NPTEL, here is the link

Apart from this you may not need anything as you will learn many things on the fly :)

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