Thursday, October 11, 2012

Understanding a Singal Processing Block in GNU Radio : Naming Conventions

Naming Conventions

1. All words in identifiers are separated by an underscore, e.g., gr_vector_int

2. All types in the GNU Radio package are preceded by gr, e.g., gr_float

3. All class variables are preceded with d_, e.g., d_min_streams

4. Each classes is implemented in a separate file, e.g., class gr_magic is implemented in with the header file gr_magic.h

5. All signal processing blocks contain their input and output types in their suffixes, e.g., gr_fft_vcc requires vector type complex inputs and gives complex outputs

6. The major types are float (f), complex (c), short (s), integer (i). Any type may  be vectorized (v)

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